Wednesday, 23 January 2013


The sun rises pretty late, so it is possible for me to take a few pics every now and then.
Getting quotes for sliding door again because the previous guy has vanished. I could go and get him at his house but there's no point.

Monday, 21 January 2013


Saturday, 19 January 2013


Overwhelming is a nice English word, it doesn't really have an exact translation in Italian but describes very well a specific feeling. If I had to translate it in Italian I'd have to use several words or sentence like "Travolgente, oppressivo, mancanza di controllo, sensazione di sopraffazione".
There, it's the feeling I get when I have to think about or carry out too many tasks for my limited brain capacities.
At the moment I have to deal with:

  • The lack of a trailer to get haylage.
  • Looking for a trailer
  • The seriously low reserves of haylage.
  • Seriously low fire wood! 
  • A reed bed system for the mobile home and the waste pipes
  • A never ending construction of the stable
  • People that don't call back that should build the never ending stable
  • Various shit due to the change of residency 
  • Porch to be finished
  • Furniture in the porch going moldy
  • etc etc etcetera
But then in the end I love getting up in this wonderful place every day and plan the future.

Enjoy the video and sorry for the mess.

Thursday, 10 January 2013

She's gone.

Never to come back again. The last bit of Italian possession I had. My loyal and old Skoda Felicia could not come to Ireland with me, being a left hand wheel car.
It is a bit of a shock. After all, I had been driving it for the past 16 years, she was still fit and reliable, cheap to run and the only constant in my life since 1997.
During all these years many things have changed, among which: 9 homes/flats in 3 different countries, 3 dogs, several cats, 4 motorbikes, 2 other cars and 1 van, 6 partners, 2 bicycles and fuck knows what else. Plenty of memories with friends that are still with me and especially with one no longer on this hearth.
A meager 300 euro for a piece of life. Not that she was worth more than that, but still...
Bye bye Gigia.
Back to Ireland on Tuesday. Hope Peps hasn't bitten anyone ELSE.