Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Long time no post, as usual.
It's been pretty hectic but I finally got sheep! They are 4 beautiful specimens of friesian sheep, 2 hoggets and two ewes at second lactation. We were lucky enough to find them this late in the season.

Aren't they beautiful P?
I have a few problems, including the fact that the 2 ewes are likely still milking and I haven't managed to milk them yet because the set up is not optimal, they are still pretty shy and don't like their temporary dorm.
They seem in good health though and they are getting friendlier and less scared by the day.
Tonight they went running after me when I got in with the red bucket (the red bucked brings good stuff), and they even entered the tiny stable. There is hope I'll manage to check the udders tomorrow.

The decking is finished too, and is a big plus for my living space:

While the stable is sort of stuck in a half finished stage. Big mess with the order for the sheeting by the coop.

More soon